About QuadraPile Helical Screw Pile Foundation Systems

The QuadraPile helical piling foundation system (also known as a screw piling system as the terms are used interchangeably)  consists of lengths of helical aluminium pile which are driven into the ground and joined together to form a single pile to the depth required.

QuadraPile is available in two sizes: 100mm diameter and 64mm diameter
The size chosen will depend on the required load capacity and purpose.

There are two main ways to connect a QuadraPile foundation to a structure:

  • By casting the top of the helical / screw pile in concrete (for a ground beam or pile cap)
  • By bolting into the threaded hole in the top of the pile (for modular buildings or suspended structures)

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Advantages of QuadraPile

The advantages of the QuadraPile helical piling foundation system for foundation and remedial work are clear:

  • Minimal or no use of concrete.
  • Can be used near trees and in root protection zones of trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
  • Quick and clean to install.
  • Reduced groundworks and spoil disposal.
  • Fully removable and recyclable.
  • In-situ proof testing gives a true value for load capacity.

Our QuadraPile helical piles are manufactured from an aluminium alloy which has excellent corrosion resistance and structural properties. The helical screw piles are removable and recyclable when the building comes to the end of its useful life.

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What is QuadraPile for?

The QuadraPile “helical piling” or “screw piling” foundation system is used as a solution to many problems:

  • Underpinning – repair of buildings suffering from subsidence. A less disruptive alternative to traditional underpinning.
  • ‘Pile and beam’ foundations for traditional-build brick/block or timber-frame extensions.
  • ‘Piled slab’ foundations for traditional-build brick/block or timber-frame extensions.
  • Foundations for timber frame or SIPs buildings.
  • Foundations for modular residential extensions.
  • Foundations for modular or pre-fabricated school classrooms.
  • Telecommunication mast foundations.
  • Foundations for solar array installations.
  • Foundations for viewing and access platforms.
  • Repair of failed retaining walls.

We have various Standard Details for the use of QuadraPile which can be used unaltered but it is often necessary to adapt details to suit a particular project. We have years of experience in this kind of design work so we are happy to provide advice where required.

The standard details can be viewed and downloaded here: QuadraPile Standard Details Download Page

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Pile Loads and Engineering Design

When designing a screw pile layout or helical pile layout we usually aim for pile loads up to 70kN per pile for the 100mm QuadraPile and 30kN per pile for the 64mm QuadraPile. Although the piles can take loads higher than this, we find that these limits usually give the best balance of number of piles and pile depth.

We are happy to liaise with engineers or architects to provide guidance for individual jobs or we can provide an engineering design service to design a pile layout and the required beams, concrete, steel, reinforcing, etc.

Examples of Structures Supported on QuadraPile foundations:

QuadraPile Installation Video

View the video below to see the QuadraPile helical pile foundation system being installed ready for a timber building

For more information about our helical pile foundation system and use of helical or screw piles, get in touch with our team on 02086 445 434 or via our online enquiry form.