We’re created this page to explain some of the terms used on our website.

If there is anything else that you’re not sure about, please feel free to contact us.

Helical pile – a specific type of pile (such as the QuadraPile) which is helical in shape (like a screw). This shape gives it benefits in terms of load carrying capacity. Visit our ‘What is Helical Piling?’ page for a basic introduction to helical piling.

Modular Building – a fairly generic term used to describe various ways of constructing buildings. The one common theme is that significant elements are manufactured off-site in controlled conditions, allowing better control of quality and quick assembly on site. Both the QuadraBuild and QuadraBase system are forms of modular construction.

Pile – A term to describe an element driven or formed in the ground and used to support some kind of structure. The simplest pile is a simple cylindrical ‘post’ but modern piles include helical piles such as the QuadraPile.