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A specialist construction company offering helical piling, structural masonry repair and modular building solutions including access ramps, steps and platforms. We work for private clients and businesses as well as public organisations. We can offer design, manufacture and site deployment of our solutions using both in-house and sub-contracted personnel. Our helical piling system, QuadraPile, is suited to sites which need piling near trees, have limited access, trees with TPOs, It can be used to provide foundations for extensions, foundations for garden rooms, foundations for modular buildings and various other uses. Our system is generally suited to projects where a requirement for helical piles, screw piles or mini piles has been identified as well as providing an alternative to digging deep concrete foundations. We also provide access solutions in the form of ramps, platforms and steps for both public and private buildings. Our modular ramp system is a metal modular ramp solution. Primarily used to provide accessible routes for disabled users, it can be installed as a permanent or temporary access solution. We offer survey design, supply and installtion of access ramps for private houses, commercial buildings and public buildings. We've installed school access ramps, hospital access ramps as well as home access ramps. The modular construction side of our business ranges from providing helical pile foundations for modular buildings supplied by others through to providing fully finished modular extensions. We offer bespoke modular extensions for particular projects. Primarily aimed at housing association and council properties. We work on one-off and multiple property projects providing modular extensions for residents including disabled extensions and those funded by DFGs (Disabled Facilities Grants).
QuadraBuild3 days ago
We recently supplied and installed this walkway canopy for a hospital site in Cornwall.
We worked in conjunction with our client to refine the design with customised positions for the columns, lengths to suit uneven ground, customised with NHS blue finish and sized to fit the site.
QuadraBuild4 weeks ago
We're regularly asked to install our QuadraPile helical pile foundations to support garage slabs where there are trees nearby and clay ground means that there's a risk of ground heave.

This is a typical job before the heave protection void former, reinforcing mesh and concrete are added.

We can provide engineering design, supply and installation of the piles.
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QuadraBuild3 months ago
Before, during and after photos of repair work on a garage which had suffered vehicle impact damage.
We installed masonry reinforcement above the openings to stabilise the cracking before demolishing and rebuilding the damaged blockwork with new render and decoration #structuralrepair #helicalbar
QuadraBuild5 months ago
It's not often that the weather stops us working and this week was no different - installing our QuadraPile helical screw piles in the snow ready for a lodge building.
#screwpiles #helicalpiles #snow #foundations
QuadraBuild6 months ago
This is a good example of an access ramp and temporary replacement door that we installed in a school back at the end of the summer.
The whole curtain wall is due to be replaced but this ramp solution was needed in the short term to enable wheelchair access.

We removed the existing door and then installed the new door and ramp within a single day.
We'll return once the wall is replaced to alter the ramp to suit the new doors - a good example of the flexibility that this system offers.

#ramp #accessibility #WheelchairAccessible
QuadraBuild8 months ago
Some photos of a job that we completed in the basement of a listed building where the external retaining walls were deflecting inwards.

We installed masonry reinforcement into the brickwork walls and arches, then an arrangement of steel frames to support the deflected walls and transfer loads back to our QuadraPile helical piles which were installed through the basement floor.

The small installation equipment for QuadraPile, along with careful design of the steel and installation procedure, meant that this could all be installed in the very restricted basement space.

We managed the whole project including assessment of the problem, liaison with the conservation officer, gaining listed building consent, design, engineering, supply and installation.

This retains access to the basement space and is all removable in the future if necessary.
#piling #listedbuilding #structuralrepair #basement