The Problem

  • A brick building had a section on one corner which was moving and therefore causing cracking of the masonry.
  • The main gas supply to the building also entered at the corner.
  • The likely cause was leaking drainage causing wash-out from under and around the foundations.

The Solution

  • We designed a solution which incorporated underpinning using the QuadraPile system and masonry repair to prevent the structure moving further.
  • Firstly, the leaking drains were surveyed and repaired and the gas main was isolated for safety reasons.
  • We installed bed joint reinforcement in the masonry to enable the walls to span between soft points in the ground and prevent further cracking.
  • Three QuadraPile helical piles were then carefully installed in small excavations in close proximity to the gas main, at the base of the wall and were then tied into the existing foundations using stainless steel helical bar and concrete pile caps.
  • The piles and masonry reinforcement work together to support the corner of the building and prevent further cracking.
  • The internal walls were redecorated and the external slots filled and re-pointed.
  • Once completed, the repair was almost invisible.
  • Using our system avoided the need to relocate the gas main which would have left the resident without gas for a significant length of time.

Case study reference: 16205