About QuadraFix

The QuadraFix system consists primarily of two main elements:

but also includes resin and the installation equipment.

To view the standard repair details, please visit the QuadraFix Standard Details Downloads page

We assess problems, design solutions and install them but we also supply the materials for others to do the work themselves via our online shop.

The basic repair method for repairing cracks in masonry walls (brick, block, etc) is called crack stitching. Click here to view our crack stitching introduction guide.

What QuadraFix is for

The system can be used for a wide range of structural problems such as

  • subsidence & wash-out under foundations
  • crack stitching
  • wall tie failure
  • lintel/arch failure
  • bowing walls
  • separated rubble-filled walls
  • internal junction cracks

How QuadraFix works

The way in which the repair methods are used varies depending on the problem being addressed. We have Standard Details which cover many structural problems but we’re happy to design solutions to more unusual problems if necessary.

Many buildings with structural problems will have a variety of issues and therefore require a combination of repair techniques in order to treat the symptoms and put right the underlying problems.

From identification and design of solutions through to installation and completion, please contact us if you have a structural repair requirement.

Advantages of QuadraFix

  • Avoid the need to re-build masonry by repairing it in-situ
  • Repairs are usually invisible once complete
  • The stainless steel reinforcing bar allows masonry to flex slightly, as it needs to, but holds it in place to prevent cracking