About QuadraBuild

  • QuadraBuild is a modular building system used for extensions and new-build structures.
  • Modules are built off-site in a factory and transported to site before being lifted into position on to QuadraPile foundations.
  • Each unit can be fitted out with electrical and plumbing components in the factory which are then simply connected on site ready for use.
  • This system is commonly used to replace existing bathroom extensions for housing associations.

The benefits of QuadraBuild

  • Minimal disruption and mess to households – no need to move out
  • Concrete-free foundations using QuadraPile installed in a matter of hours
  • Disposal of existing extensions is no problem (including asbestos)
  • Full Building Control Approval (usually by NHBC Building Control)
  • Fast installation – for replacements, a new extension is usable within a few hours of the old structure being removed
  • We can offer the resident choices on colours, flooring, etc., including on Housing Association multiple-property projects
  • Custom-designed or off-the-shelf sizes and layouts

Where QuadraBuild is used

  • QuadraBuild extensions are commonly supplied to Housing Associations and Local Authorities – often where existing modular extensions or ‘pods’ need to be replaced.
  • We also offer the system for private homeowners or landlords – it’s especially suitable where there is a need for an accessible bath or shower room extension.
  • Internally, units can be fitted out as required. From a bathroom or shower room to a dining or bedroom, there are numerous options.
  • External finishes can range from brick slips, render, timber or PVC cladding in order to match or contrast with existing structures.

How QuadraBuild works

  • Our survey captures all the information that we need to manufacture the extension unit.
  • QuadraPile helical pile foundations are installed in positions required.
  • Connection points are prepared for plumbing and electrical services.
  • Any enabling works are carried out.
  • The new extension is built off-site and fitted out as required before being transported to site.
  • A crane is used to lift the extension into position.
  • Services are connected and commissioned.
  • Final finishing is carried out and the extension is ready for use.

QuadraBuild installation video

Watch the video clip below to see a QuadraBuild extension being lifted into position.