The Problem

  • A need for quick replacement of modular bathroom extensions to the rear of terraced houses without relocating residents.
  • The existing extensions contain asbestos which had to be disposed of.

The Solution

  • We have been offering modular extensions as a solution since 2008 and were seen as an ideal supplier for replacing the current 1960s modular bathrooms that were well past their original 10 year life span.
  • Time on site is short and disruption to residents is minimal.
  • We install helical piles behind the existing bathrooms ready to support the extension, and the old bathroom units are craned out of the property.
  • The new extension – built offsite in the UK using off-site construction methods – is then craned in on the same day leaving the residents without toilet facilities for just a couple of hours.
  • The Sutton modular building extensions have been well received by residents with some 600 having been completed on this estate.
  • Usually three extensions are replaced in a day.
  • The extensions are already finished with plumbing and electrical items in place before arriving on site so only simple connection to the existing services is required.