The Requirement

  • The Dutch gable of this three-storey property had considerable horizontal and vertical movement.
  • A scheme for repairs had been produced.
  • It was found that the condition of the Dutch gable was poor and it was not tied back to the roof structure behind it.
  • In addition, the timber window below the Dutch gable needed to be replaced and have a new lintel installed.

The Solution

  • Helical ties were driven and securely fixed into a second roof joist and grouted to the outer masonry to reintroduce the connection between the wall and the roof.
  • Vertical helical ties were installed through the coping bricks to strengthen the masonry spanning vertically.
  • To create the new lintel, we installed a helical bar masonry reinforcement beam. This beam has also greatly strengthened the existing local masonry as well as reinstating its structural integrity. An additional helical bar masonry beam was also installed further up the gable wall.
  • Helical remedial wall ties were driven through the soldier courses above the window to secure this masonry to the newly created lintel.