What We Offer

We have extensive experience of surveying, designing and installing modular access ramps for schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

These public access ramps can be permanent or temporary, depending on the requirements.

Our modular steel access ramps can be provided for almost any use including main entrances, side entrances, service entrances and fire escapes.

We offer the complete solution from the initial design process, site survey and installation and we can even take on associated works such as paving where required.

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Regulations for Public Access Ramps

The regulations surrounding access ramps are extensive and complex. We have experience in designing ramps for numerous property types as well as access to the regulatory documents and specialist advice to ensure we design a ramp to meet all regulations, wherever possible.

The Building Regulations surrounding access ramps for buildings other than dwellings are often misunderstood. The ‘Approved Documents’ describe certain ways in which the regulations can be met but are guidelines rather than fixed requirements. Wherever possible we aim to design to meet the details contained therein but this isn’t always possible or preferable given a specific site or intended use.

Where we can’t meet the Approved Document recommendations, we always aim to advise the client of this.

We will also take account of any specific site or user needs in our design.

The Process

We can provide a full service from enquiry through survey, design, pricing, supply and installation.

Whether your initial enquiry is a detailed ramp design ready for pricing, a simple need for an access solution or anywhere in between, we can work with you to find the right access solution.

We are used to dealing with customer representatives from both technical and non-technical backgrounds so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we an be of assistance.

We aim to provide the highest quality customer service from initial enquiry through survey, design and installation.

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Our ramp system is a high-quality modular system which features numerous benefits including:

  • Warm touch handrails
  • Non-slip, free-draining galvanised steel deck
  • Regulation-compliant upstands at the edges of the deck
  • Adaptable gradient to suit different site and user requirements
  • Balustrade infill to provide ‘maximum 100mm apertures’ as an option or where dictated by regulations
  • Adjustable height legs and feet to take account of variable terrain without needing extensive ground works