Polyester Crack Stitching Resin (Pack of 5)


  • Fischer Polyester Resin otherwise know as “F-Bond”, “FIS P Plus” or similar. Due to Fischer discontinuing products, you may receive a different version to that pictured.
  • Styrene Free as per Health and Safety requirements of many construction sites.
  • We always recommend our our Cement Based Grout for fixing helical bar into slots but this is an alternative that some people prefer and may be specified by an engineer.
  • This resin can be used for numerous applications including crack stitching and masonry reinforcement.
  • Ready to use straight from the cartridge so no need for mixing.
  • Supplied as a pack of 300ml cartridges which can be used in a standard silicone or mastic gun so no need to buy a specific resin gun.
  • Each cartridge of resin comes with a plastic nozzle which can be thrown away with the cartridge when empty – no need to get messy washing out nozzles.
  • Ideal for use with our stainless steel helical reinforcing bar for crack stitching.
  • This resin can also be used for fixing helical bar as remedial wall ties and for securing other metal fixings into masonry.
  • We also stock other types of resin, please see the resin category for more options


All of our resin is from Fischer, a well known and trusted name in the world of construction industry fixings.

View the standard details on our downloads page for guidance on crack-stitching and masonry reinforcement.