Cement-Based Grout – 3 litre pack


  • Cement Based Grout or Crack Stitching Grout – nominal 3 litre bucket.
  • Suitable for use in numerous applications including crack stitching and masonry reinforcement.
  • Cementitious (cement-based) grout.
  • Supplied in two parts (liquid and powder components) for site mixing in the supplied bucket – make sure you have a suitable mixing paddle or find one in our tools category.
  • Thixotropic (pumpable). Can be pumped over relatively large distances though narrow nozzles unlike standard mortar which will separate if subjected to pressure.
  • Non-shrink properties mean the grout won’t shrink like standard mortar whilst curing.
  • Ideal for use with our helical reinforcing bar.


Click here to view our crack stitching introduction guide.

Click here to view our grout mixing guide.


View the standard details on our downloads page for more guidance on crack-stitching and masonry reinforcement.

As a guide, each 3 litre pack of grout will be sufficient for about 10 linear metres of crack stitching slot.
This assumes a slot width of 10mm and filling a slot to a depth of 25mm and allows for a small amount of wastage.

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