Access Ramp Survey and Design


You should purchase this option if you’re looking for us to provide a survey and design for an access ramp into the entrance of your property.

We will do the access ramp survey and then design to suit our metal modular ramp system wherever possible.
In some cases, we may suggest incorporating paving or landscaping, changing fences or even altering doors in order to provide the best access.
We will always try to discuss things like this with you and may even offer more than one option.

Wherever possible, we aim to design in accordance with the recommendations in Building Regulations Approved Document M (‘Doc M’) and also Approved Document K where this applies.
Sometimes this isn’t possible due to restrictions such as space but we will look to be as close as possible to the recommendations.

As your guarantee, if we determine that we cannot carry out the survey when we arrive at your property then as long as you’ve provided the information requested and no misled us we will provide you with a full refund – this is a very rare occurrence though.
At the time of contacting you to arrange the survey, if it is obvious that we won’t be able to carry out the survey then we will either refund you or discuss the alternatives.

What we Provide

We will usually provide a plan view drawing of the ramp and immediate surrounding area. We will also incorporate notes as to the various elements.

A typical drawing can be viewed here but the details included will vary depending on the property and your requirements.

Access Ramp Survey and Design – The Process

The process is:
1. You place the order and pay online or alternatively give us a call. Please provide as much information as possible as to your requirements at this stage.

2. One of our friendly team will then be in touch to arrange a convenient time for us to attend for the survey. This is nearly always within 2 weeks and often much quicker.

3. Before doing the site survey we also try to have a chat with you to get a bit more detail on your requirements. This better informs our survey and design process to ensure we provide exactly what you need

4. We then carry out the site survey. We will usually use a self-levelling rotating laser device to take levels as well as laser or more traditional tape measures for dimensions. Again, we can discuss your requirements with you whilst at the property.

5. Following the site survey, we will return the information to the office where the proposed design will be drawn up for you. This process is usually completed within a week, depending on the current workload.

6. We will usually also provide a quotation for supplying and installing the ramp and associated work. Otherwise, we’ll always aim to put you in touch with someone who can do the installation for you.

Things to Check

The fixed price survey provided by this item is conditional upon:

  • The property being within our immediate geographical operating area (Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Somerset, Dorset, Devon, Hertfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Greater London).
  • The property being a single privately-owned residential house, bungalow, lodge-home or similar with ground floor access and you being being the owner or having their permission.
  • Access being provided at a mutually convenient time, to be agreed, during normal working hours.
  • Areas required for the survey being safely accessible on foot.

If your requirements fall outside of the above then please make contact – we are likely to still be able to help or be able to put you in touch with someone who can.

This is not a structural survey nor is it an overall survey of the property or outside space. We will simply survey enough area to enable the ramp design to be completed.

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