64mm x 4m QuadraPile Helical Pile Kit


This is a starter kit consisting of:

  • 8No. 64mm x 500mm sections of QuadraPile aluminium alloy helical pile (4m of pile in total).
  • Head protector drive washer and setscrew.
  • Breaker driving adaptor.

QuadraPile is suitable for use as foundations for various structures:

  • Garden rooms
  • Decking
  • Extensions

As well as for holding down structures such as marquees.

Each section of 64mm QuadraPile has an M12 threaded hole in one end and an M12 stud cast into the other end. This allows sections to be joined together as they are driven into the ground in order to form the length of pile required.

The sections of pile can be driven using a normal road breaker with the QuadraPile driving adaptor (32mm across flats hex) and head protector washer.

This kit contains 4m of pile which can be used in any combination of half-metre lengths. ie. either a single 4m deep pile, two 2m deep piles, four 1m deep piles, etc.

Each 64mm pile shouldn’t be used or tested for loads exceeding 50kN (5T). Adjust the pile spacing to  below this limit. The actual load achieved will depend on the ground conditions and depth of the pile. Our 100mm QuadraPile can be used for higher loads but the installation equipment required is more extensive – please contact us for more details.

Buy more sections of QuadraPile to give more piles or more depth if required.

If you’re new to the QuadraPile system, please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information on the QuadraPile system, visit our QuadraPile page.

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