5m Resin Based Crack Stitching Material-Only Kit (6mm bar)


The ideal kit for a small DIY job which avoids the need to purchase lots of expensive equipment.
Simply cut out the bed joints (hire a wall chaser if necessary) and install the helical bar with the resin using a standard silicone gun.

A crack stitching kit suitable for up to 5 crack stitches each a metre long (subject to wastage and site conditions).

This kit contains:

  • 5 x 1m Stainless Steel Helical Crack stitching bars, 6mm nominal diameter.
  • 5 x 300ml tubes of Fischer Polyester Resin (otherwise know as “F-Bond”, “FIS P Plus” or similar). Due to Fischer discontinuing products, you may receive a different version to that pictured.


Please note:

  • This kit does not include any tools. If you require a kit including tools, please see the other kits in our product category.
  • The quantity of resin required will be dependent on the depth and width of slot cut into the wall.
  • Please check how much resin you expect to need before purchasing. Additional tubes of resin can be added to your order from the resin product category.
  • The helical bar can be cut using bolt cutters if necessary and bent to fit around corners if needed.


This kit can be used for repairing:

  • Cracked walls
  • Cracked brickwork
  • Cracked blockwork
  • Cracks in stone walls
  • Cracks in masonry


View the standard details on our downloads page for guidance on crack-stitching and masonry reinforcement.