Our modular handrail system has been designed to extend our range of access solutions. Using the same high quality materials and finishes, the rails are compatible with our range of connectors, providing a continuous, compliant and cost effective handrail system.

Designed to be fast and easy to install, it provides the flexibility for a wide array of configurations. All mild steel components are galvanised and ready coated in a warm touch finish, providing effective corrosion resistance.

Connectors are either plastic to compliment the rails or stainless steel, depending on the type and location.

The handrail is simply cut to size and attached using rivets, providing a quick, secure method of installation.

This rail system does not look industrial with oversized joints and is therefore perfectly suited outside any home or commerical premises. Whether alongside existing steps or running down a walkway, it can be used to help those who would benefit from the further assistance and assurance that a handrail can provide.
Whilst the rail system is designed to be installed independently of our ramp system, it can equally be used to extend and complement a ramp installation.

Our 42mm handrail tube is attached to the posts and brackets using rivets providing a quick, strong and tamper resistant method of attachment. Additional rivets can be used to provide enhanced security, if required.

The handrail tube is used in conjunction with our range of connectors and end caps, which either havemechanical fixings or are glued into position.

Handrail Posts

Our posts are either surface mounted by securing directly to the ground or permanently fixed into holes.

Post spacing and lengths are specified for each project.

Connectors & Brackets

Our standard connectors provide a friction fit and are manufactured from durable plastic components.

Our stainless steel connectors are precision manufactured from an external grade material ensuring longevity and are simply glued into position or fixed with rivets, providing an extremely strong fix.

Our range of brackets provide the ability to attach a handrail to the wall, vertically or horizontally.

Please contact us if you have a project that we may be able to help with