What are Concrete Free Foundations?

As the name suggests these are foundations which use no concrete.

We can achieve this using our QuadraPile system which is a screw pile or helical pile foundation system.

The piles can be driven into the ground and the structure to be supported can then be connected, usually using an arrangement of steel brackets and/or beams.

Where Can Concrete Free Foundations be Used?

Concrete free foundations using the QuadraPile system can be installed in most location where more traditional concrete foundations would otherwise be used. However, there are some particular situations where the QuadraPile system is particularly suited:

  • Near trees – the small installation kit (no ground-bearing rig), minimal disturbance and small pile dimaeter means that piles can be installed close to trees without causing undue impact. QuadraPile has been successfully installed close to protected trees in locations such as Kew Gardens, Oxford University Parks and RAC Woodcote Park.
  • In sites with limited access – the installation kit is all small enough to be carried through a standard doorway or gate so can be used in the rear garden of terraced properties with no external access.
  • In sites with limited headroom – QuadraPile can be installed inside buildings with standard ceiling heights.
  • Near underground services – installation causes minimal disruption to the ground so piles can be installed close to services such as drains and sewers without causing damage. We often need to obtain a Build Over agreement when a sewer is in the ownership of the water authority.
  • Environmentally conscious sites – the elimination of concrete from the foundations removes the carban footprint of the manufacture and installation of this element. In addition, as the piles are made from an aluminium alloy they can be removed and re-used or recycled at the end of the building’s life.

The structures shown below are all supported on QuadraPile concrete free foundations