The Problem

  • The customer needed a fast and clean foundation and floor structure for construction of a SIP panel extension.
  • The sloping site and proximity of trees meant that traditional concrete foundations would have been time consuming and expensive.

The Solution

  • We installed QuadraPile helical piles as the foundations on to which we assembled a custom-designed QuadraBase modular floor structure.
  • The sloping site meant that steel columns were used to support the floor which was levelled to match the existing property floor height.
  • Extra insulation was also included within the floor to provide high-performance thermal properties.
  • The SIP walls could then be built straight on to the floor structure and the roof trusses lifted into place which all enabled the structure to be quickly weathertight which was important given the time of year that the build was taking place.
  • The roof was tiled and brick cladding was then added to the walls so that the new extensions was in-keeping with the existing property.The whole extension amounted to around 50 square metres.