The Problem

  • The customer required a quick, clean base on which to construct a timber-framed building in their rear garden.
  • With the only access being through the house, using concrete was not desirable.
  • The presence of large trees nearby would mean that any concrete foundation would be unlikely to survive beyond the following winter.

The Solution

  • We installed QuadraPile helical piles as the foundations on to which we assembled a modular floor structure.
  • Insulation was included within the floor to provide a high-performance suspended floor.
  • The customer then built a timber-framed structure on top.
  • No concrete was used and minimalĀ  excavation was required.
  • All equipment and materials were easily carried through the property with minimal disturbance to the resident.
  • We provided a foundation and floor to finished floor level having been on site for less than two days and construction on our base could be commenced immediately.