The Problem

  • Two high-rise blocks of flats were found to be in need of masonry reinforcement and remedial wall ties along with treatment of corroded window lintels.

The Solution

  • Working with consulting engineers, we designed a specification for the works which included installing stainless steel helical reinforcing bar, stainless steel helical wall ties and treating of steel lintels with rust inhibitor.
  • Numerous areas of brickwork were also renewed where the corroded lintels had caused mortar joints to become unstable.
  • By installing helical reinforcing into the bed joints above the lintels, only local brickwork had to be removed in order to clean and apply rust inhibitor to the corroded lintels.
  • We saved the client expense by carrying out the work on schedule and without the need to remove the lintels.
  • This was a successful project of high rise masonry repair.